Healing Recovery: Nutrition and Substance Abuse

Healing Recovery: Nutrition and Substance Abuse

Iris Healing Retreat 06/28/19
healing recovery

Off the top of your head, you may be able to mention several of the ways that one treats substance abuse: cognitive behavior therapy, twelve-step programs, and similar measures. One very effective way to help with drug and alcohol cravings that many people may not be aware of is: eating a healthy diet. While this…

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Recognizing Codependency

Iris Healing Retreat 04/08/19
Recognizing Codependency

Recognizing Codependency between two people is important because sometimes the best choice is to walk away from a relationship, despite the heartbreak that will follow. While it may be uncomfortable to let go of someone, it is often more damaging to stay in a relationship that is dysfunctional. Unfortunately, many people ride out toxic (and…

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Help in Dealing with PTSD and Addiction

nikitos 06/06/18

Many of us today automatically associate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with those returning from overseas military service. While PTSD is certainly an issue that many military personnel and veterans experience, any type of trauma can cause the many symptoms of PTSD and disrupt life. Sadly, PTSD very often leads to addiction as the person…

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The Critical Role Of Family Support In Recovery

nikitos 05/22/18
Family Support In Recovery

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t just impact the person using, it sends ripples across their entire network of family and friends. If you happen to be connected to someone who has a dependency, your role can be incredibly powerful on both sides of the coin. On the one hand, you may be that crucial…

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Overcome Addiction With Sound Therapy Healing Sessions

nikitos 05/10/18
Sound Therapy Healing - Iris Healing

Is It Possible To Overcome Addiction With Sound Therapy Healing Sessions? Drug addiction is a growing challenge for everyone in the United States. People from all walks of life can fall into serious addiction, often moving from painkillers to illegal drugs and alcohol. Maybe you are struggling to overcome a prescription drug habit, or are…

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The Connection Between PTSD and Addiction

nikitos 02/26/18
PTSD and Addiction

With the turmoil that faces us in our day to day lives, it is no surprise that there are more traumatic instances and that many more people are diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) than ever before. The symptoms of PTSD are seen not only in veterans that are returning from military combat and conflicts…

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Recovery Resolutions For The New Year

nikitos 12/28/17
Recovery Resolutions

The beginning of a new year can bring lots of different emotions. On the one hand, there are feelings of excitement and the motivation to begin goal setting in the weeks ahead. Many also use this time to reflect on the triumphs (and tribulations) of the past 365 days. For some January can bring a…

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Coming To Terms With Grief

iris 09/19/17
Grief Counseling and Healing

What is at the root of addiction? It is a question that we get asked many times and unfortunately, there is no easy answer. The truth is, addiction can be a very individualistic experience that can be brought on by everything from genetics, to trauma, to the pressures of modern-day life. One common thread that…

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