Let’s face it, we live in a very fast-paced world. Los Angeles in particular feels like it moves a mile a minute and seems to thrive upon the concept of instant gratification. Now of course there is nothing with living a fast-paced life, but it can certainly spiral if not balanced with feelings of tranquility and patience. One particular side effect of the “mile a minute” lifestyle is the increase of impulse control issues. Though we may not realize it, feelings like these may be out of our control (literally a component of Impulse Control Disorder, which is a clinical mental health issue). And with a lack of impulse control, comes the doorway to addiction and an unhealthy existence.


At Iris Healing Retreat, we believe in slowing down the lifestyle a little bit. Having the word “Retreat” in our title signifies an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday Los Angeles. Regaining control of your impulses, learning to meditate, allowing for quiet moments throughout the day…These are all parts of our healing regimen and (in our opinion) absolutely essential when one has to conquer an addiction.


First off, let’s dive a little bit into the actual Impulse Control Disorder diagnosis. Don’t let the stereotypes get into your head. Someone who is dealing with this issue doesn’t have to be a rule breaker or a “wild” personality that cannot function in society. There are many much subtler tendencies, such as skin picking, hair pulling (both anxiety related), sexual promiscuity, constant online shopping…the list goes on. And yes, the temptation to use easily factors in as well. Being able to resist a drink or a “hit” becomes much more difficult and, because of that, you may find yourself physically dependent on a substance.


It is important to point out another dangerous addiction that is associated with Impulse Control Disorder. Gambling (which we also treat) is very common component of this issue. Driving to out of the way casinos and poker games, actively betting on multiple sports matches, even simple obsessions with the Powerball are symptoms of this and tend to go hand-in-hand with drug and alcohol abuse.


We urge anyone who even thinks they may be having trouble with an impulse (or a substance for that matter) to do a self-evaluation. As we mentioned before, this is a much more common occurrence than people think; with over 8 million Americans currently suffering from addiction and mental health issues.


Now the good news. All of this is treatable and a particular specialty of Iris Healing Retreat. As we mentioned in a previous blog, we put a heavy emphasis on dual diagnoses; which means addressing much more than an actual addiction itself. Understanding the emotional and mental components of the dependency are key to reaching success.


We also make a conscious effort to remove the trappings of a fast-paced “instant gratification” environment. With daily meditations, healing therapies and tranquil living spaces, we constantly push peace and harmony to the forefront.


You would be amazed at the true impact a serene recovery experience can have, particularly if impulsive habits have been plaguing your life. We invite to take the first step of the journey, by contacting Iris Healing Retreat at (844) 663-4747. Let us be the ones to help bring hope and healing back into your life.