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Substance abuse is a problem for a large number of Americans, and trying to recover from addiction can be a difficult experience. Many addicts attend recovery treatment programs on more than one occasion, and relapse because they are suffering from other problems that are not yet resolved. The biggest problem that addicts face is that they are also trying to come to terms with other issues, such as trauma or depression. Failure to treat these conditions can prevent a person from overcoming his or her addictions, and may even drive that person further from recovery. At our holistic rehab center, we believe in giving our clients the tools to recover from addiction and other co-occurring disorders at the same time.

Holistic Rehab Center

Spiritual Healing and Recovery

Unlike medical treatment facilities that focus on resolving the symptoms of substance dependence, or others which only seek to treat the psychological aspects of addiction, we believe that it is necessary to treat both the mind and the body as one. When the treatment is integrative, clients can develop healing practices that can prevent then from relapsing into addiction. We know that suffering from substance abuse problems can cause a lot of physical and emotional pain, and that withdrawal and drug side effects can make the process extremely difficult. The stigma of being an addict can also prevent a person from fully recovering which is why it is also important to address this issue in a holistic healing approach.

Treatment Options for Addiction

We want to offer you a variety of different treatment options with our holistic rehab center. Each program is designed to help the whole person to recover from addiction. We provide traditional individual and group sessions, but we also mix those programs with custom-designed treatments including meditation, spirituality training, and art therapy. Our equine therapy, using horses and specialists, is extremely popular, and can help to give you skills including communication, innovation, group working and completion of set tasks.

Let Us Work With You

If you want to get the right treatment for your dual diagnosis or drug addiction with mental health problems, then our holistic rehab center could be the perfect answer. Our therapies are designed not only to help you with overcoming the drug addiction, but also giving you self-confidence and motivation, boosting your self esteem and giving you skills that you will need in order to practice lifelong recovery. Start your addiction treatment today by calling us on (844) 663-4747 now.