Rehab Center in Los Angeles Offers Individualized Care for Addiction

rehab centers in Los Angeles

One of the reputable rehab centers in Los Angeles is Iris Healing Retreat. It is a certified dual-diagnoses treatment center. We have designed an effective and comprehensive program to address the underlying issues related to addiction. Our approach is based on full psychological evaluation, trauma resolution, family dynamic therapy, compassion and safety.   

All of our primary therapists are doctoral clinicians with over 30 years collective experience. And a number of our clinicians are certified and trained in Brainspotting used for the treatment of PTSD and trauma. Along with our neurofeedback facility Iris Healing Retreat neuroscience therapies provide a comprehensive neuro-therapy program.     

A thorough evaluation is vital to the development of an individualized recovery plan.  This critical stage of recovery can be glossed over by rehabs who have utilize out of the box software treatment templates that can be downloaded from the internet. 

Unfortunately, this approach may not help the patient. It overlooks the deeper issues and underlying reasons for the substance abuse. Substance abuse is a symptom not a cause; and usually originates in childhood or through trauma.  This one size fits all approach to recovery does not take into consideration that no two recoveries are alike

rehab centers in Los Angeles

You need a customized treatment plan because you are unique and have specific issues related to your addiction. To maximize the benefits of our treatment center, our specialists will work with you to better understand your history and family dynamics. 

Your treatment will address the physical, mental and spiritual components of your well-being, so you can finally work through the issues that caused your addiction in the first place. By confronting and resolving these issues, your will begin to feel empowered and ready to create a balanced lifestyle. 

If you have a substance abuse disorder and want to change the course of your life, the next step is get help.

Being one of the best rehab centers in Los Angeles, here at Iris Healing Retreat we are ready to support your road to recovery with compassion, knowledgeable staff and state of the art therapeutic programs. Call today and learn more about our programs to recovery. Schedule an appointment with our specialists at (844) 663-4747.

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