Trauma Healing Retreats: Finally Get Treated from Your Violent Past

trauma healing retreats

One of the challenges for trauma healing retreats today; is the reluctance of people who have experienced trauma to seek out help. They simply want to avoid reliving the event. They want to forget about it and move on. 

However, as evidence-based research shows, attempting to shut off the feelings of the trauma will only increase the risk of substance abuse and mental disorder. 

Trauma affects your health. Whether it is a violent or childhood event, the traumatic event will have a lasting impact on the quality of your life; and unfortunately, avoidance will increase the risk of substance and mental disorders. 

Trauma can be difficult to treat because most patients avoid it, but it is vital to address the traumatic event so you will not encounter any issues that may arise in the future.

At Iris Healing Retreat, we help you uncover the underlying problems around the traumatic event. A trained trauma therapist will work with you to heal and reframe the event. 

trauma healing retreats

By addressing your trauma, you are not only helping yourself, but relationships with family, friends and loved ones. Healing from trauma empowers you and gives you a balanced perspective to life and the ability to make better choices. Many of the therapeutic modalities are holistic in nature. Iris Healing Retreat is a holistic center that utilizes dual diagnosis in alcohol and drug addiction. 

You will also learn how to reduce your stress and anxiety through various holistic therapies including, neurofeedback tai chi, meditation, and yoga. Evidence-based research shows holistic modalities are successful in addressing anxiety and stress.

Our holistic approach allows us to teach our clients the skills and mind-set to maintain a balance of mind, body and spirit.   

We offer a variety of options to treat our patients as a whole. When you’re admitted to our trauma healing retreats, you will participate in individual and group therapy. If you think that you need to undergo a trauma healing, make sure to talk to our staff or schedule an appointment with us at (844) 663-4747. 

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