Using Mindfulness Rehab For Recovery

If you are searching for spiritual rehabilitation retreats, you might be interested in using mindfulness rehab to help you battle your problems with addiction.

Mindfulness is one of the most important principles of spirituality, which is the state of being aware of things happening in the present moment.

This awareness can be directed toward all thoughts, feelings, and sensations that occur in the present state.

Mindfulness in Rehab

The goal of mindfulness is not to change your thoughts, but to develop a different relationship to them. The purpose is to view your thoughts from a distance, and to perceive them as events occurring in the mind, rather than as something inherent to the self.

Mindfulness Rehab for Overcoming Cravings

Mindfulness rehab can be used to battle cravings. By monitoring and observing your cravings, you can come to view them as something that passes through the mind, and will eventually cease to exist.

If you view your cravings as transient and separate from yourself, you can wait for them to pass, instead of immediately acting on them.

This technique can also help you become aware of triggers for craving, and to choose to do something else which might relieve or prevent craving, thus weakening your habitual response.

Essentially, mindfulness comes down to deconstructing your cravings. If you break it down, you can start to look into your body and say, “what does it actually feel like?”

With the proper practice of mindfulness, you will start to notice that cravings are made up of bodily sensations. It can be a tightness, a restlessness, or even a pain.

But once you notice it, you can identify it, and tell yourself that they will not kill you.

You can learn to stay with those feelings, instead of pushing them away, knowing that they will eventually pass on their own.

Mindfulness Rehab

The Wave Technique

Another useful technique to battle cravings is to visualize your craving as an ocean wave that begins as a small wavelet and gradually builds up to a large one.

As the craving grows in strength, your goal is to surf the wave by allowing it to pass without being wiped out by it.

Giving in to the craving at its peaks only reinforces the addictive behavior. Not acting on it weakens the addictive habit and strengthens self-efficacy.

Like any skill, this takes practice and improves over time.

If you are suffering from the inability to control your cravings, a center focused on a spiritual level in conjunction with more traditional treatment methods might be the best choice for you.

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