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What to Know about Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California

Finding dual diagnosis treatment centers can be a big step towards getting the best help that can assist with successful recovery.

Facing drug or alcohol addiction can be a daunting task for any individual or family. Very often where addiction resides there is also another disorder lurking in the background.

Studies have shown that millions of Americans suffering through an addiction are also dealing with some form of mental health disorder and illness. They are using the addiction to help mask or deal with the pain they are feeling from their other disorder.

Unfortunately, many people do not get the proper treatment they need to deal with both issues, which can lead to a later relapse of the addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Dual Diagnosis – Treatment on a Deeper Level

Going to a dual diagnosis facility gives the patient a chance to get much deeper treatment than what may be received at a typical rehab facility.

Many rehab treatmentcenters simply use a method to treat the surface of addiction without dealing with the inner cause of the addiction.

A dual diagnosis center performs treatment that helps to get to the source of the addiction, while addressing the mental health issues and emotional trauma that may exist underneath.

Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health Issues Combined

The dual diagnosis treatment centers that people should want to consider will be facilities that treat both the addiction and the underlying mental health issues, as well as trauma if necessary.

Most people can expect treatment assistance with detox for substance abuse, combined with proper therapeutic programs that will help them face the trauma and mental issues that are hindering them.

With this combined treatment, the possibility for long-term sobriety becomes more of a reality.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California

Here at Iris Healing® Center, we are one of the premiere dual diagnosis treatment centers in Los Angeles, California that offers everything you or a family member needs to help overcome drug or alcohol addiction combined with mental health issues.

Our facility and staff are among the finest available, and we offer the unique holistic treatment options that will lead you to better physical and emotional health and recovery.

To find out more information about our dual diagnosis programs, call us toll-free at (844)663-4747 to see how our programs can provide the best treatment possible for a successful recovery.

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