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Sober Activities in Woodland Hills, California

Recovering from addiction can be a fulfilling experience. As you begin the path of living a life free of substances, enrolling in an alcohol or drug rehab facility can guarantee you a drug-free lifestyle. Choosing drug rehab in Woodland Hills, California, gives you many exciting places to visit during recovery.


Depending on the situation, the best option to facilitate the addiction recovery process will be unique for every person. While recovering from addiction, a common problem includes finding things to occupy social and leisure time. During this vulnerable time, it may become more tempting to go back to destructive lifestyles simply due to boredom.


These sober locations around Woodland Hills, California, can support recovery by offering fun, sober activities. Many of these locations provide different activities and events that visitors can engage in while recovering from addiction.


Let us look at some places in Woodland Hills, California; you can visit during the recovery process

West Mulholland Trailhead Topanga State Park

Address: 21218-21220 Mulholland Dr, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, United States 

Website: https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=629


The park sits on 11,000 acres (45km) of landmass with thirty-six miles of trails and unimproved roads. The Topanga state park has 60 trail entrances and often regarded as the largest park in the Santa Monica Mountains. The park boasts of beautiful flora and fauna. The park also houses a collection of native animals and birds.

Popular Activities And Events

The main attraction of the park is the trails. The Topanga state park’s main trailheads are in the Trippet Ranch area, including the Musch trail that passes through Eagle rock. Recreational activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding are the main activities available in the park.

Kokoro Exhibits

Address: 21211 Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Website: https://kokoroexhibits.com 


Kokoro Exhibits is located in Woodland Hills, California. They specialize in Museum quality Robotic Dinosaurs, including life-size animated dinosaurs, Ice age animals, and insects.

Popular Activities And Events

Kokoro Exhibits has some of the world’s foremost collections of Museum quality animatronics. Their exhibit show educates and entertains with various interactive stations that include remotely controlled dinosaurs and rideable sculptures.

Mark Taper Life Science Botanical Garden

Address: 2700 Pierce Ln, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, United States

Website: https://www.piercecollege.edu/offices/garden/index.asp


The Mark Taper Life Science Botanical Garden is located on the campus of Pierce College. The botanical garden occupies a landmass of 2 acres and is a living laboratory with various plants and animal life. The Mark Taper Life Science also has an impressive 2500 Square foot pond with turtles.

Popular Activities And Events

The main highlight of visiting the botanical garden is a stroll through the garden. It is dotted with many trees and bushes, such as the kangaroo paw, coastal redwoods, and a mother of pearl plant. A look at the “Evolution Walk” is another mesmerizing activity that makes your visit to the garden a memorable one.

Class Act Musical Theatre

Address: 5345 Wilhelmina Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, United States 

Website: https://www.classactmusicaltheatre.com


Class Act Musical Theatre is a year-round creative program that provides students of all ages with a strong foundation in music, theatre and acting. 

Popular Activities And Events

Class Act Musical Theatre delivers all-year-round shows, with stunning performances from their students. Tickets of their shows are available on their website. 

Girard Reservoir

Address: Girard Reservoir, Los Angeles, CA 91364, USA 

Website: https://california.hometownlocator.com/maps/feature-map,ftc,2,fid,242713,n,girard%20reservoir.cfm


Girard reservoir is a reservoir in Woodland, California. It has an elevation of 314 meters and water access.

Popular Activities And Events

Fly fishing, baitcasting, or spinning are some of the major activities done in the area. 

Valley Cultural Center

Address: 21600 W Oxnard St #128, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, United States 

Website: https://www.valleycultural.org


The valley cultural center embraces diverse programs and events that bring together talents, community, and education. The center provides live entertainment programs and events in the art.

Popular Activities And Events

Concerts on the couch and Rock Valley are their most current programming. They started “Concerts in the Park” in 1975 and frequently have performed on the Pavilion from the LA Department of Recreation and Parks.

Corbin Canyon Park

Address: 4720 Corbin Ave Los Angeles CA

Website: https://laparks.org/dos/parks/parks.htm


Corbin Canyon Park has eye-catching scenery with lush flowers and beautiful oak trees. A walk through the trailhead reveals a more delightful sight of nature at its finest.

Popular Activities And Events

Hiking, Bird watching, Scheduled live music

The House at Hunted Hill

Address: 4400 Saltillo St Los Angeles, CA 91364 Woodland Hills 

Website: https://www.houseathauntedhill.com


The House at Haunted Hill is a high-tech haunted attraction in Woodland, California. The show doesn’t use live actors but video projections.

Popular Activities And Events

A seasonal haunted show, especially in the last three days of October. 

Serrania Park

Address: 20726 Wells Dr., Woodland Hills, CA 91364 

Website: https://www.laparks.org/park/serrania 


The massive oasis has a children’s play area, picnic tables, hiking trails, walking paths, and restrooms. The park has a grassy expanse dog park.

Popular Activities And Events

Dog play. Space for your dog to dig, run and play with other dogs. 

Candy Cane Lane

Address: 5966 Lubao Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, United States 

Website: https://www.woodlandhillscc.net/candy_cane_lane


Candy cane lane is an eight-block residential area with a dazzling annual Christmas light display in Woodland hills.

Popular Activities And Events

Annual Christmas show, typically starting December 2nd. 

Woodland Hills Recreation Center

Address: 5858 Shoup Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, United States. 

Website: https://www.laparks.org/reccenter/woodland-hills 


The 19-acre park center provides community-based activities and courses for youths and adults.

Popular Activities And Events

Activities include dance, art, yoga, Camp Sherwood, and Camp Little Twigs. 

Bowlero Woodland Hills

Address: 23130 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, United States.

Website: https://www.bowlero.com/location/bowlero-woodland-hills 


A fun place for blacklight bowling, stunning HD walls, the latest arcade games, and various American eats.

Popular Activities And Events

Special days include Sunday Funday, Monday Mayhem, after-party Friday’s. 

Warner Center Park

Address: 5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, United States. 

Website: https://www.laparks.org/park/warner-warner-ranch 


Warner Center Park is a spacious outdoor patch of greenery with good shade and convenient parking. It has picnic tables and a bandshell.

Popular Activities And Events

Some scheduled activities include outdoor concerts and community films. 

Woodland Hills Country Club

Address: 21150 Dumetz Rd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, United States. 

Website: https://www.woodlandhillscc.org 


Woodland Hills Country Club is a private club with a golf course and majestic oak tree-lined fairways.

Popular Activities And Events

Regional and USGA sectional golf tournaments.

Woodland Hills Pool

Address: Woodland Hills, CA 91367, United States. 

Website: https://www.laparks.org/aquatic/summer/woodland-hills-pool 


The outdoor pool offers a clean swim, warmed to the perfect temperature water for a refreshing dive.

Popular Activities And Events

Some scheduled activities include group and private swim lessons, as well as novice synchronized swimming. 

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Woodland Hills, California

Iris Healing® provides drug and alcohol rehab in Woodland Hills, California. If you have any questions about addiction treatment or sober activities in the area, contact them here.

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