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Neurofeedback in Los Angeles to Improve Your Brain

To understand the importance of using Neurofeedback in Los Angeles, consider the following…

How many times have you thought, “I just made a bad decision. Why did I do that?” You might ruminate on how you could’ve made this seemingly poor choice, you could retrace your steps, so to speak, you could write out everything you were thinking at the time and so forth.

And while that all might be a bit helpful, it wouldn’t necessarily lead you to know how you made the decision you did.

What if there was a way to figure out where in your feedback, where exactly, that your brain failed to function properly, thus giving you the chance to make better decisions?

That’s some of what our neurofeedback therapy in Los Angeles can do.

Neurofeedback in Los Angeles Explained

Neurofeedback uses a computer and software that enables us (and you) to see your decision making process two to three seconds before you make each decision.

Your thoughts don’t appear on a screen or something, but what does happen is that our software analyzes your brain signals.

From there, it converts them into tangible, real data. Utilizing this data, our trained experts are able to look at your brain signals and figure out exactly where your brain is failing to self-regulate, and how we can improve that.

neurofeedback therapy in los angeles

How Neurofeedback Therapy Helps

When it comes to addiction and the brain, so much goes into it, but to look at things in a macro, overarching sense, an addict’s brain can’t self-regulate.

That means that an addict can’t just have a drink, or do a bump of cocaine, or a hit from a joint and then say: “that’s enough.”

With neurofeedback, we’re able to see how the brain operates in those moments where self-regulation fails.

However, in addition to being able to see that, we’re able to change that, as well.

Once we’ve figured out where in the decision-making process the brain doesn’t self-regulate, we can then produce newer, better brain signals.

These signals can be an eventual replacement for the ones that give into addiction, ultimately teaching the brain to self-regulate on its own, without the help of a computer or specialized software.

From there, we can treat even an addict’s brain. Instead of having to deal only with the symptoms of addiction, neurofeedback allows us to go right to the cause.

The Power of Retraining the Brain

So many of us feel like we’re “in a rut.” That’s especially true of many addicts, who may feel like their entire life revolves around getting the substance that they need.

Neurofeedback is a revolutionary, scientific way to change just that. It’s a very real way of retraining the brain, changing it so that you can ultimately change your behavior.

Instead of always being at the mercy of the addiction, feeling helpless to give into the addiction time and time again, we can work with you and your brain until you’re able to self-regulate.

It’s not a question of “strength,” or “focus,” or anything conscious like that. Instead, it’s a whole new method of treatment.

To find out if using Neurofeedback in Los Angeles, or other treatment is right for you, contact us through our website or call (844)663-4747.