Iris Healing® Retreat, Woodland Hills, CA

Sound Bath Meditation

Imagine if you could lay back and fully, completely relax. Everything in your life, all of the concerns, the anxieties, the worry, everything were to just drop away, replaced by comfort and a series of gentle, repetitive sounds. That’s just part of what our sound bath meditation is.
In a safe, comfortable place, our trained professionals will use a variety of different instruments to create repetitive sounds that will lessen your stress and anxiety, so that your body can heal. This meditation makes it easier for people to tune out their own thoughts, so to speak, so that they can achieve greater focus, balance, all while reconnecting to their self. Research has even shown that it can decrease blood pressure, too.

Our Services

At Iris Healing® Retreat we recognize that the amount of time a client spends with us is short so we provide clients with as many tools as possible while with us including: