Iris Healing® Retreat, Woodland Hills, CA

Spiritual Counseling

To treat the body, mind, and emotions all at once – that’s what spiritual counseling can do. It’s important to note that spiritual counseling does not require that a person believes in one particular religion or even any religion for it to be successful. In many cases, this kind of counseling can take truths from religious traditions and apply them to a secular setting, or even help someone to connect to nature and so forth.
Anxiety, depression, addiction and more – spiritual counseling has equipped many to better deal with these concerns and others over the years. So many people today, for a variety of reasons, feel spiritually disconnected, or even just flat out unsure about what kind of role spirituality should play in their life. At Iris, we have trained experts who can determine whether or not this treatment would be right for you.

Our Services

At Iris Healing® Retreat we recognize that the amount of time a client spends with us is short so we provide clients with as many tools as possible while with us including: