Low-Glycemic Diet

Scientific research has shown that sugar, caffeine, and white flour trigger drug and alcohol cravings.

Why? Because they affect the same parts of the brain as drugs and alcohol. The low-glycemic diet is especially helpful in restoring proper dopamine levels in individuals fighting addiction. The low-glycemic diet is an excellent way to naturally boost dopamine production and improve your state of well-being. The diet alone will not cure addiction, but in collaboration with a well-structured 12-step program, inpatient, and outpatient treatment from a licensed facility such Iris Healing, it can help you achieve a life free of drug abuse.
Scientific research has shown that sugar, caffeine, and white flour trigger drug and alcohol cravings.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions provided by Joan Borsten, the author of the Low-Glycemic diet book.

Low-Glycemic Diet

Are there vegetarian options?

Yes — there are vegetarian recipes. Once you learn the principles of the diet, you can also apply them to any recipes you prefer, including gluten-free, vegan, or kosher diets.

Do the recipes require fancy cooking skills?

No! These are recipes adapted for home cooks, and there are plenty of options for all skill levels.

What kind of sweeteners do you recommend, if you don’t use sugar?

We recommend using agave nectar, palm sugar, or coconut sugar. These sweeteners are low-glycemic, which means they don’t give you the same sugar rush as regular sugar or corn syrup. Cooking with low-glycemic sweeteners keeps blood sugar levels stable, and keeps the brain from getting triggered.

Low-Glycemic Diet

Are you saying that 12-step meetings tend to serve the very foods I shouldn’t be eating?

Unfortunately, yes. 12-step meetings traditionally serve sweets and caffeine because those foods temporarily make people in early recovery feel better. You get a sugar high instead of a drug high. However, research shows that in the long run, those foods just make your cravings stronger.

If I have been eating a diet full of the trigger foods (caffeine, sugar and white flour), will I experience any discomfort in switching to this diet?

Honestly, yes. It is common for people in early recovery to miss caffeine and sugar, especially. However there are delicious dessert recipes in the book that help ease that transition. They were very popular at MBRC!

Low-Glycemic Diet

Does this diet cure addiction?

No. However, it is a powerful tool to support your program of recovery. We strongly recommend combining it with a 12-step or other recovery program, inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Is this something I can do to help a family member who’s struggling with addiction?

Absolutely yes! These are delicious recipes that will help your loved one feel satisfied and cared for. We do recommend that your loved one also seeks treatment to aid recovery. This book is not a cure.

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