What is the Timeline for Alcohol Detox Treatment?

What is the Timeline for Alcohol Detox Treatment?

Iris Healing Retreat 01/10/20
Alcohol detox

Alcohol detox is the first step to recovery by removing toxins (alcohol) from the body. During this time, people will experience various withdrawal symptoms including fatigue, tremors and confusion. This process can be painful at times and potentially dangerous, and that’s why it’s strongly recommended to be under the care of medical professionals during the…

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Start Your Recovery With a Detox Retreat in Los Angeles

Iris Healing Retreat 10/20/19
detox retreat in Los Angeles

Let’s face it, withdrawals aren’t pretty. They’re physically and emotionally agonizing, and sometimes they can make you want to forget the progress and just use again to make the urges go away. Whether it be withdrawing from a stimulant, alcohol or opioid, going cold turkey is not the way to go. Neither is giving up….

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A Different Kind of Alcohol Detox Program

Iris Healing Retreat 08/23/19
Alcohol Detox Program

We know that many of our clients have been through detox before, and may not have found the right program for them. When something like that happens, it’s natural to be concerned and worry that there isn’t a right program for you. However, here at the Iris Healing Retreat, we offer many different kinds of…

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Alcohol Detox Programs to Remain Abstinent from Alcohol

Iris Healing Retreat 07/26/19
alcohol detox programs

Our alcohol detox programs at Iris Healing Retreat follow a holistic approach. They are ideal for someone who developed an alcohol addiction.  Alcohol Rehab for Individual Patients The goals of our detox programs are aplenty. But the main ones aim to end alcohol use once and for all. In that way, patients will remain free from…

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Holistic Rehab to Make Yourself Whole Again

Iris Healing Retreat 07/12/19
holistic rehab

Holistic rehab is the best route to your recovery so you can make yourself whole again. The word holistic can be complicated. For some, it would mean seeing monks in robes or hearing them chant in unison. Other individuals with drug addiction believed that they are powerless over their addiction. However, the idea of holistic rehab…

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nikitos 05/08/19
substance abuse disorder

Most people who suffer from substance abuse disorder have dealt with some form of trauma in their lives, be it: childhood trauma, physical or emotional abuse, PTSD, rape, neglect, homelessness, and more ad nauseum. These traumas may not be necessarily the cause of the substance abuse disorder, but it is most definitely a mitigating factor…

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The Healthiest Alcohol Detox Program

nikitos 09/13/18
healthiest alcohol detox program

With countless alcohol detox programs available it can be an overwhelming process to find the one that is an ideal fit. While researching for the healthiest alcohol detox program it is important to take the time to find a place and community that will not only support clients break the cycle of addiction but also…

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Alcohol Detox Programs Provide the First Steps Toward Recovery

nikitos 06/20/18

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism run rampant through our society today. Families and individuals caught up in alcohol problems face a great deal of stress, fear, and anger that they may not know how to deal with alone. The person dealing directly with the abuse may not even be aware of the damage they are causing…

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What to Know about Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California

nikitos 06/13/18
dual diagnosis treatment center

Facing drug or alcohol addiction can be a daunting task for any individual or family. Very often where addiction resides there is also another disorder lurking in the background. Studies have shown that millions of Americans suffering through an addiction are also dealing with some form of mental disorder and illness. They are using the…

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Are Alcohol Abuse and Physical Dependence to Alcohol Different?

nikitos 05/14/18
Alcohol Abuse and Physical Dependence to Alcohol

Until recently, alcohol abuse and physical dependence to alcohol were described as two distinct disorders. However, with the publication of the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, otherwise known as the “bible of psychiatry”, the two disorders are integrated into one, alcohol use disorder (AUD), with mild, moderate, and severe…

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