TMS for Depression

Iris Healing Retreat 04/08/19

It is estimated that 322 million people across the globe live with depression. While there are many effective treatments for depression, some methods may be invasive or ineffective for treating each individual. Although modalities are on a trial-and-error basis, it can be discouraging to see little to no improvement after seeking help. But, an innovative…

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Continuing The Recovery Journey With Outpatient Programs

nikitos 09/21/18
Outpatient Programs

Recovery is a lifelong process and one that benefits greatly from ongoing support. Completing a residential treatment program is the essential first step, but that is not where the journey typically ends. For many, healing and wellness can also be found through Outpatient Programs; which continue to work on issues like trauma resolution, self-care and personal development….

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From Sexual Harassment to Addiction

nikitos 12/21/17
Sexual Harassment

It’s difficult to watch the news today without coming across another scandalous story about sexual harassment and misconduct. We at Iris Healing Retreat are proud supporters of the #MeToo campaign and the movement to expose those who use their stature and power to abuse. Though we continue to hear many high profile accounts of celebrities and studio…

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Mind/Body Healing Through Somatic Therapy

iris 09/28/17

If you’ve been following the updates from Iris Healing Retreat, then you’re probably aware that we take a different kind of approach to conquering addiction. Yes we make sure to incorporate all of the proper recovery methods, but we also have firm beliefs in holistic healing and out-of-the-box techniques that can help people overcome their struggles….

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Astrology, The Eclipse And The Bigger Picture

iris 08/22/17

We, like everyone else, were enamored with this week’s Solar Eclipse, which cascaded across the Monday morning sky. And, as we watched it, we began to take a step back and understand it on a much larger scale. This is a rare opportunity that takes us away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and…

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