Rehab Center in Los Angeles Offers Individualized Care for Addiction

Rehab Center in Los Angeles Offers Individualized Care for Addiction

Iris Healing Retreat 01/24/20
rehab centers in Los Angeles

One of the reputable rehab centers in Los Angeles is Iris Healing Retreat. It is a certified dual-diagnoses treatment center. We have designed an effective and comprehensive program to address the underlying issues related to addiction. Our approach is based on full psychological evaluation, trauma resolution, family dynamic therapy, compassion and safety.    All of our…

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Rehab Center in Los Angeles For Single Parents and More

Iris Healing Retreat 11/25/19
trauma recovery retreat

Battling addiction is complicated and strenuous. It takes a lot of mental will power to get help and to stay on track with recovery—and requires support. When it comes to single motherhood and addiction, it’s an extremely complex and sensitive situation. These mothers with an addiction often find themselves at the crossroads between themselves or…

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Start Your Recovery With a Detox Retreat in Los Angeles

Iris Healing Retreat 10/20/19
dual diagnosis treatment centers

Let’s face it, withdrawals aren’t pretty. They’re physically and emotionally agonizing, and sometimes they can make you want to forget the progress and just use again to make the urges go away. Whether it be withdrawing from a stimulant, alcohol or opioid, going cold turkey is not the way to go. Neither is giving up….

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When Holistic Rehab is Necessary

Iris Healing Retreat 08/16/19
Holistic Rehab

It can be extremely difficult to deal with addiction issues of a loved one. You may see someone every day of your life, know them better than anyone else, and still feel like you’re losing them. If they are your spouse, child, parent or another family member, you don’t want to say the wrong thing….

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Rehab Center in Los Angeles for Cocaine Overdose

Iris Healing Retreat 07/31/19
rehab center in Los Angeles

Iris Healing Retreat is a rehab center in Los Angeles that offers complete healing for cocaine addiction patients. It is situated in Woodland Hills, California.  A Powerful Stimulant  Cocaine is a powerful stimulant derived from the coca plant. It changes your brain structure after repeated use. The changes cause you to become addicted to it. Because…

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Healing Recovery: Nutrition and Substance Abuse

Iris Healing Retreat 06/28/19
healing recovery

Off the top of your head, you may be able to mention several of the ways that one treats substance abuse: cognitive behavior therapy, twelve-step programs, and similar measures. One very effective way to help with drug and alcohol cravings that many people may not be aware of is: eating a healthy diet. While this…

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Los Angeles Rehab Center on the Opioid Crisis in America

Iris Healing Retreat 06/21/19

“The Opioid Crisis” is in the news practically every day. To be clear, the word “crisis” is justified. In 2017 alone, roughly 47,600 people died of opioid drug overdose deaths in the United States alone. That’s a shockingly high number and makes up the majority of the overdose deaths in the United States. Of course,…

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Healing Retreat Centers: Further Signs of Addiction

Iris Healing Retreat 06/07/19
healing retreat centers

We know that people addicted to different drugs may show other signs of addiction. In this blog, we’ve cataloged some other signs of addiction to be watchful for. As with any mention of signs of addiction, you want to be careful not to view them in a vacuum. A person who is not addicted may…

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Substance Abuse Recovery and Experiential Therapy

Iris Healing Retreat 05/17/19
substance abuse recovery

Imagine doing a hobby you love, or loved, as a means to recover from your substance habit–it can be a twofold benefit. While a 12-step program is beneficial to many, it is not for everyone. Some people may need alternative long-term solutions. Experiential therapy is a diverse modality that can assist people of different personalities,…

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