Sound Therapy Healing to Treat Insomnia

Sound Therapy Healing to Treat Insomnia

Iris Healing Retreat 11/20/19
sound therapy healing

Missing out on a good night’s rest comes with a hefty pack of problems. It leaves you groggy, irritable, and impaired functionality. So, repeatedly missing out on sleep is less than ideal. Although it’s not as easy as simply commanding your body to go to sleep, there are ways to improve the consistency of your…

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Wellness Retreats for Depression After Divorce

Iris Healing Retreat 11/15/19
wellness retreats

Divorce. The word looms over your relationship as you try to make sense of how you got to this point. Your best friend, partner-in-crime, and lover has departed from the person they were when you started dating. They’re deep in, unable to uphold their half in the relationship because they’re addicted to a substance. You’ve…

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Holistic Rehab Center For the Tech Industry

Iris Healing Retreat 11/10/19
holistic rehab center

The tech industry continues to thrive and shape our future. It’s exciting, interesting, and necessary to move society forward. But it’s also problematic. Many people behind the magic are faced with harsh expectations from employers and the industry itself. In the industry, there is a high demand to produce at a rapid-fire pace while always…

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When All Else Fails: Holistic Depression Treatment Centers Now Offering TMS

Iris Healing Retreat 08/09/19
Holistic Depression Treatment Centers

When you’re suffering from depression, it can feel like nothing can help. Depression can make it seem like there’s no way that things will ever get better, that you’ll always be under its cloud. A specifically difficult kind of depression is referred to as “treatment-resistant depression,” which is everything that the name implies. It’s natural…

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Holistic Rehab to Make Yourself Whole Again

Iris Healing Retreat 07/12/19
holistic rehab

Holistic rehab is the best route to your recovery so you can make yourself whole again. The word holistic can be complicated. For some, it would mean seeing monks in robes or hearing them chant in unison. Other individuals with drug addiction believed that they are powerless over their addiction. However, the idea of holistic rehab…

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Effective Holistic Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Iris Healing Retreat 03/25/19
holistic drug rehab in Los Angeles

“Holistic” and “holistic treatments” may sound like new words that have only recently become popular, but the truth is that they’ve been around for a very long time. They come from the word “holism,” which basically means that the “whole” is greater than the sum of the parts. That’s a major focus of our treatment. …

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What Are The Benefits Of Holistic Depression Treatment Centers?

nikitos 11/13/18
top holistic depression treatment centers

In truth, there may be no genuine benefits to holistic depression treatment centers, but an over-reliance on medication doesn’t work either, so why rule out a holistic route? Nobody is saying you have to drink elm tea and meditate in front of candles; you simply have to explore the idea that anti-depressants are not your…

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Facing Trauma During Treatment

nikitos 07/10/18

At Iris Healing Retreat, we understand how to treat trauma and can attest that most clients who seek help for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder have one of more traumas.  With the right set of tools and a caring, professional treatment staff in place, trauma can be healed. Certain modalities like neurofeedback and brainspotting…

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The Influence of Buddhism in Holistic Rehab

nikitos 05/28/18
Buddhism in Holistic Rehab

Although in the West addiction is defined as a biological disease, Buddhist philosophy takes a different approach to the issue. That’s why in recent times the influence of Buddhism in holistic rehab has increased, and it is important to understand it’s principles and how they inform holistic  treatment approaches. Although Buddhist philosophy does not deny…

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A Comprehensive Approach from Holistic Depression Treatment Centers

nikitos 02/26/18
holistic depression treatment centers

The onset of depression can go unnoticed by many, and the problem can deepen over time if it is allowed to continue without proper care. Many people that suffer from depression may find themselves turning to the use of alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit drugs to the point where an addiction develops alongside the depression….

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