Trauma Healing Retreats: Finally Get Treated from Your Violent Past

Trauma Healing Retreats: Finally Get Treated from Your Violent Past

Iris Healing Retreat 01/31/20
trauma healing retreats

One of the challenges for trauma healing retreats today; is the reluctance of people who have experienced trauma to seek out help. They simply want to avoid reliving the event. They want to forget about it and move on.  However, as evidence-based research shows, attempting to shut off the feelings of the trauma will only…

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Lesser-Known Signs that it’s time for a Los Angeles Rehab Center

Iris Healing Retreat 09/20/19
Los Angeles rehab center

You probably know the obvious signs that someone needs the assistance that our Los Angeles rehab center can provide. Just from seeing movies and television, you know the big dramatic moments, when someone comes to a company party and makes a spectacle of themselves before passing out drunk. Or, a horrible drunk driving story that…

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EAP Therapy at our Trauma Healing Retreat

Iris Healing Retreat 09/05/19
trauma healing retreat

Some people respond to therapeutic methods better than others. At some facilities, there is only one kind of therapy such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or perhaps it’s something else, but that’s the only option. The method may be very successful for some, but it could also keep others from getting the help that they’re…

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What Our Healing Retreat Centers for Addiction Offer

Iris Healing Retreat 08/29/19
Healing Retreat Centers

When you’re in the grips of addiction, it can seem like there’s no way out. At our healing retreat centers, we have many ways of helping with your addictions. From the initial intake onward, we can help at every step of the way. Each of those steps will be difficult, as there’s nothing easy about…

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Trauma Healing Retreat to Help You Feel Safe Again

Iris Healing Retreat 07/19/19
Trauma Healing Retreat

Our trauma healing retreat will guide you in your journey to complete the healing process while you transform your mind body and soul. When it comes to dealing with our trauma, our specialists will create a personalized treatment method to help get a complete recovery.  The Effects of Trauma  Trauma can freeze any devastating moment…

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Brainspotting Therapy as Trauma Healing

Iris Healing Retreat 05/31/19
brainspotting therapy

The body stores more than we expect–it can hold on to memories we thought we stowed away in the archives, or attempted to hide. We may try to forget these memories, or disregard the suspicion that something is bothering us, by turning to drugs or alcohol. Yet our body may be communicating the why, the…

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nikitos 05/08/19
substance abuse disorder

Most people who suffer from substance abuse disorder have dealt with some form of trauma in their lives, be it: childhood trauma, physical or emotional abuse, PTSD, rape, neglect, homelessness, and more ad nauseum. These traumas may not be necessarily the cause of the substance abuse disorder, but it is most definitely a mitigating factor…

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