Iris Healing® Retreat, Woodland Hills, CA

Holistic Rehabilitation Center in California

Located in Woodland Hills Near Los Angeles, California

A Holistic rehab center focuses on compassion, empathy and spirituality and is rapidly becoming a more frequent choice for families seeking help for their loved ones.

Iris Healing® is a dedicated holistic rehab center located in Los Angeles, California. We are a drug and alcohol addiction recovery center with an emphasis on dual diagnosis treatment and mental health issues led by a compassionate and experienced staff.

Holistic drug rehab centers strive to teach clients the skills they need to heal their mind, body and spirit.

Our holistic rehabilitation center in California places empathy and spirituality at the forefront to lead to successful recovery. If you are searching for comprehensive and compassionate care for yourself or a loved one, Iris Healing® is dedicated to providing the best treatment available.

Many people wonder what is the difference between a holistic rehab center and traditional treatment facilities. Holistic medicine is the ancient art and science of healing the whole person.
At Iris Healing®, our holistic rehab center is dedicated to healing the body, mind and spirit. Holistic medicine combines traditional and alternative therapies in order to treat a range of diseases.

Holistic Rehab Centers Treat the “Whole” Person

Addiction can often be a difficult, painful and emotional process. The process of rehabilitation shouldn’t be.
Our holistic drug rehab centers are dedicated to providing compassionate care. Our skilled and experienced team of experts understands that many people who are dealing with addiction are sometimes also dealing with serious underlying mental health issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, or PTSD that impact their addiction.
Many addicts struggle with the stigma of being labeled and treated as an addict in addition to the substance abuse, depression, PTSD or other conditions that led to their addiction and substance use struggles.
One of the benefits of a holistic center is that we help the person struggling with addiction to get away from the stress and pressure of life that led to the addictive behaviors. This allows them to “take a breather” so that they can focus intently on dealing with both their substance abuse issues and, more importantly, getting treatment for the underlying causes of their substance abuse – usually depression or PTSD.
The best holistic rehab centers offer a wide variety of treatment options designed to treat the whole person. This often includes individual and group therapy with custom designed programs such as art therapy, spirituality, meditation and other treatment options customized specifically for you or your loved one.

Our program at Iris Healing® recognizes that different treatment options work for different people and we will work with you to discover what works best for you as an individual.

At Irish Healing, your recovery is of the utmost importance to us. Our holistic rehabilitation center in California makes use of a range of therapies and caring treatments to help you start the next chapter in your life.

To find out more about our Holistic Rehabilitation Center in California, call us toll-free at (844)663-4747.