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Dual Diagnosis in Woodland Hills

The key to a successful and long-lasting recovery.
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Through a healthy, structured, and well-balanced environment, our doctorate-level therapists craft individualized treatment plans that help to heal dual-diagnosis
patients. Our intention is to guide each patient through their journey of sobriety while dissolving the resentment and resolving the trauma they have experienced throughout their life.

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But, first things first—What is a dual diagnosis?
A dual diagnosis refers to a substance abuse problem coupled with a mental illness. The NIDA found that 60% of all those struggling with addiction have one or more diagnosable mental health disorders.
Without treatment for both conditions, a patient with a dual diagnosis is unlikely to recover from either for long, so we treat both simultaneously.
Common dual diagnosis disorders linked to mental health disorders combined with addiction include:


Addiction and mental illness are deeply entwined and attempts to treat them separately are unsuccessful and extremely difficult.
Integrated treatment attempts to heal patients emotionally, mentally, and physically all at the same time. Depending on their specific needs, each patient receives a unique and highly personalized treatment plan.
Here’s what a typical integrated treatment program might look like:

Assessment And Evaluation

An initial evaluation helps our team identify any underlying issues or risk factors that may hinder recovery
For example, the root cause of any addictive behaviors may be a traumatic event from the patient’s past. This way, we know to offer trauma therapy (or any other necessary treatment) to address the core trauma while helping with recovery.

Create A Unique Treatment Plan

After a thorough evaluation, our team of addiction
professionals will create your treatment plan from a
range of medical, therapeutic and spiritual interventions.

Holistic Drug Detox

For many people struggling with addiction and mental health, a detox program may be the necessary first step to recovery.
Unfortunately, withdrawal symptoms are common as the brain attempts to adjust. But, at Iris patients are carefully monitored and medically supported to help stabilize them throughout the detox and withdrawal period.

Therapeutic Treatment

Holistic therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), among many others, are at the core of our programs.

Unique Aftercare Plan

Continued addiction treatment and mental health care is often the key to facilitate long-term recovery and reduce chances relapse
Just like the treatment plan, aftercare plans are tailored to the specific needs and diagnosis of the patient.
Dual diagnosis in Woodland Hills


Above all, people with a dual diagnosis need support. The whole idea is to help them rebuild their lives and improve their quality of life—free from the shackles of addiction and mental illness.
For this reason, here’s what you can do as a friend or family member:
Learn about the symptoms of dual diagnosis disorder and treatment options. This makes you better equipped to assist your loved one.

If you or someone you love is looking to treat a dual diagnosis in Woodland Hills, contact us today.