Detoxing Off of Suboxone

There are many ways to abstain from drugs and alcohol. One of the most recent advancements for recovery is through medication assisted treatment therapy with the use of medications like suboxone. While suboxone can be a lifesaving treatment option for opiate addicts prone to relapsing, the question still remains: what happens when person is detoxing off of suboxone? Due to the long acting half-life of suboxone, withdrawal symptoms after cessation have been said to last for weeks after the last use. Some people have reported post acute withdrawal symptoms for months after their last use. If you search the internet for “suboxone withdrawal,” you’ll find countless stories from people who have had both success as wells as struggles while detoxing off of suboxone. Detoxing Off of Suboxone

Tapering Off of Suboxone

Tapering off of suboxone slowly and to the lowest milligram possible is one of the most effective ways suggested by those who have successfully tapered off of the medication. Again, due to the longer half-life, it’s important to remember that detoxing off of suboxone will be a process, with every day gradually leading towards abstaining from using it. While there are users who have successfully tapered on their own, seeking a detox treatment center that specializes in detoxing off of suboxone will be the most comfortable and most effective option. It’s important to recognize that there’s a high risk of relapsing on opiates when deciding to detox on your own. Finding the proper facility to assist in your detox from suboxone can be paramount in your recovery. This is true both physically and mentally, as the extra support and clinical medical staff can help to make the transition safer and smoother. Detoxing Off of Suboxone

Detox and Addiction Treatment

Coupled with therapy and medically supervised detox, a holistic rehab can help to revitalize the addict who suffers by offering natural ways to cope with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Following detox, a long term treatment program as outlined by your care team will help to assure long term success and close support along the way. A holistic approach to any drug or alcohol detox and addiction treatment offers the person who suffers a wider array of treatment options than traditional treatment options. In addition to science, twelve step and alternative recovery options, a holistic approach offers practical choices that can be easily implemented into everyday life. Learning to meditate when cravings are intense, choosing to eat mindfully, exercising, and even setting and following a healthy sleep schedule are just some of the many holistic options that become a part of a holistic approach. When choosing to detox off of suboxone or any other medication, it’s important to contact your medical provider, and to look into professional treatment options. A medical detox is the first step of recovery, and can comfortably help you to taper off of the medication, while providing a successful holistic approach to detox off of suboxone. Like any other drug or medication, suboxone withdrawal can be uncomfortable. Having an experienced recovery team that can guide you through the detox process, long term treatment, and an aftercare program can be the difference between simply abstaining for short time or experiencing a complete recovery. Holistic options can fill in the gaps between a recovery program and spiritual enrichment, while allowing each person an individualized approach to changing their lives and learning to live more fulfilling ones. If you’re struggling to detox off of suboxone, our holistic rehab approach has shown to be successful for many people.